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December 5th, 2023

“Speaking to in an exclusive interview, ImVitro founder Dr. Alexandra Boussommier explained that the company’s SaaS platform combines the power of cell culture and AI to bring automation to the IVF fertility imaging process, thereby saving clinicians’ valuable time, eliminating a number of human errors and delivering reliable predictions to embryologists at scale. And not least to mention, providing patients with an increased and improved layer of transparency to the entire process.”


Feb 11th, 2022

“En encourageant la première couche d’IA à explorer une multitude de paramètres qu’un embryologiste ne pourrait facilement évaluer ou identifier,  nous limitons d’une certaine manière un biais Il n’en reste pas moins que nous développons cet outil avec l’aide de nombreux embryologistes, et que nous utilisons leur expertise indéniable de manière à compléter notre intelligence artificielle.”

[EN translation]: “By encouraging the first layer of AI to explore a multitude of parameters that an embryologist could not easily assess or identify, we are in a way limiting a bias. Nevertheless, we are developing this tool with the help of many embryologists, and we are using their undeniable expertise to complement our artificial intelligence.”


November 5th, 2021

“Pour moi le plus dur a été d’accepter que monter une start-up consiste à vendre une histoire”

[EN translation]: “For me, the hardest part was accepting that building a start-up is about selling a story”


October 7th, 2021


July 10th, 2021


May 6th, 2022