Chief of Staff


ImVitro is looking for a mission-driven chief of staff to join the Paris-based company to tackle a problem that concerns around 15% of couples worldwide: infertility. The ideal candidate has had at least 5 years industry experience in strategy, including a meaningful experience in an early stage medical start-up.

Today, one of the main medical solutions to infertility is in vitro fertilization (IVF). And yet, its success rates only come close to 20-30% in Europe, which means patients have to repeat this difficult journey all too often, or give it up altogether. At ImVitro, we aim at automating the embryo evaluation which is at the heart of IVF to save doctor’s time, minimize variability and increase accuracy to make IVF more transparent, robust and reproducible. Our vision is to create an easier path to parenthood to ensure families can take their planning into their own hands.

ImVitro is an early stage Deep Tech start-up backed by US & European VC funds. It has created strong partnerships with fertility centers in different countries. The company has been backed by several accelerator programs  (Entrepreneur First, Agoranov, TechCare) and was selected as one of Station F’s Future 40 2019 start-ups. 

Role and responsibilities

ImVitro is now looking for a chief of staff who will work closely with the CEO to steer the company’s strategy. This is a unique opportunity to be directly exposed to a fast-paced, demanding and exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem. The candidate will be in charge of:

  • Defining and tracking the company-wide OKRs
  • Designing the go-to-market strategy (market studies, pricing, target, channels etc)
  • Developing key partnerships with third parties 
  • Overseeing financials with CEO and producing material for investor meetings

More generally, this person should be open to leading various important cross-team projects the CEO cannot deliver alone, revolving for example around PR, talent management etc. This person will also have to communicate heavily across teams to monitor company-wide KPIs and create a data-driven culture and data-driven decision making. 


Above all, the person needs to be excited about the mission of the company, and needs to be driven, curious and resilient.  The Chief of Staff must be comfortable being autonomous.


  • At least 5 years of industry experience in strategy 
  • Great written and oral communication skills in english
  • Outstanding analytical, organizational and presentation skills
  • Industry experience in the medical field
  • Work experience in an early stage startup

Compensation & Perks

The employee will 

  • Receive a competitive salary and employee stock options plan (ESOP)
  • Have access to central offices in a Paris-based incubator and network with other healthtech start-ups
  • Be able to work from the office and from home on a regular basis. Full-remote positions are possible if the candidate is based in London.
  • Be able to participate in regular company events (e.g. team lunches, drinks)
  • Have the opportunity to make an impact on patients and society at large

Recruitment process

  • Send CV or Linkedin profile to
  • 20 min introductory video call with Alex
  • 45 min interview with Alex and other relevant extended team member
  • 2-3 reference calls between CEO and the candidate’s former managers & colleagues

ImVitro is committed to building a diverse team and to equal employment opportunity, regardless of (including but not limited to) race, gender, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership, sexual orientation, gender identity. The company has been founded by women, is currently composed of both male and female members of different nationalities and is intent on strengthening this diversity as it grows. Therefore, we strongly encourage all applications, including those of women and any underrepresented minorities.