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EMBRYOLY is connected to the most widespread time-lapse systems, including MIRI®, GERI®, EmbryoScope® and EmbryoScope+®. 

Contact us to know if EMBRYOLY is already connected to the EMR used in your clinic.

Prior to transfer

EMBRYOLY acts as a second pair of eyes during your daily embryo assessment in the lab. It automatically identifies key biological events from Day 0 to Day 6 of embryo development and outputs a morphokinetic score that objectively ranks embryos in terms of their clinical pregnancy potential. 

When making your transfer decision

EMBRYOLY subsequently generates a personalized embryo transfer recommendation, taking into account the patient’s clinical context to help clinicians align on the next steps of treatment and manage patients’ expectations. The final transfer decision always rests in the embryologist’s hands – but with EMBRYOLY, they have an AI-powered companion on their side. 

Communicating with patients

EMBRYOLY’s secure patient portal optimizes communication and administrative tasks. It provides seamless sharing of selected videos of embryos to patients to give more context about their embryonic development, and functions as a sharing platform for administrative documentation.

For everyday

EMBRYOLY is able to generate and track different embryonic and clinical key performance indicators to better control your center’s performances and react swiftly in case of unforeseen changes. 

ImVitro’s core algorithms have been characterized in our peer-reviewed article published in Human Reproduction in 2023, demonstrating how its unique combination of clinical and visual features improves performances. Our second peer-reviewed article was published in RBMO in 2024, showing  that EMBRYOLY as an adjunct tool to the embryologist’s initial ranking could have significantly increased first cycle pregnancy rates.  

We also regularly publish case studies to our website illustrating how EMBRYOLY is already helping make your IVF clinic more efficient. ImVitro is committed to staying at the cutting edge of AI and IVF research, and several articles are in preparation; we regularly help our customers publish their own abstracts or research.

EMBRYOLY’s core algorithms predicting the likelihood of clinical pregnancy have been trained on both morphokinetic and clinical data. As such, EMBRYOLY leverages the rich kinetic information included in the video of a developing embryo, but also calibrates this evaluation according to the unique context of the patient to increase the accuracy of predictions and help clinicians select the best course of treatment. 

In addition, EMBRYOLY’s Deep Learning algorithms were trained on objective labels, taking only raw data with known pregnancy outcomes as input. In this way, we limit human bias and can serve as a second pair of eyes even in situations where embryologists are held back by their existing criteria (e.g. poor-quality embryos, which our system does not necessarily discard).

EMBRYOLY is now composed of several other algorithms to keep helping embryologists and gynecologists in new ways. 

See our product page for more details regarding our features.

With EMBRYOLY, your center gains an ally in maintaining high embryology standards on multiple fronts while saving precious time.

EMBRYOLY is composed of an ever-growing number of features: 

  • At its core, it helps embryologists evaluate embryos more accurately and efficiently to save analysis time, minimize inter & intra-operator variability and shorten time to pregnancy.  
  • It also generates embryonic and clinical KPIs at different levels for you to stay in control of your performances, and react swiftly to any unforeseen change 
  • It supports you in your communication with patients through its digital patient portal where you can selectively share the videos of the embryos & administrative paperwork. Let us help you save time and focus on the conversations that truly matter.

We are always in the process of developing new features to keep helping IVF centers welcome more patients; contact us if you want to be part of the development of new features!

ImVitro is an ISO 13485 certified company, ensuring the highest quality standards on our processes, and therefore the safety and security of our product. 

EMBRYOLY is a Class I medical device and has obtained the CE marking certification under the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745. ImVitro continuously ensures compliance with the CE mark requirements while developing EMBRYOLY, and performs continuous risk assessments, product documentation, performance comparisons and clinical evaluations.

The CE mark is also accepted in other countries outside Europe: please contact us to know if your country is eligible, or requires only extra steps that we can take.

ImVitro is GDPR compliant and has met the ISO 13485 standards. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of data privacy and protection. Our security measures ensure patient data is fully encrypted and securely hosted in Europe. As part of our Quality Management System, ImVitro controls all suppliers we work with and requires GDPR compliance for them as well.

Yes, you can publish any results acquired with the use of EMBRYOLY, whether it’s a publication, an abstract, or a poster for conferences. However, please note that the content is subject to review by our team before publication, who can provide help with statistics or data analysis

EMBRYOLY is a SaaS product and is purchased as an annual license that can be tailored, reviewed and renewed depending on the volume of patients welcomed in your clinic. EMBRYOLY exists in three different plans depending on your needs: EMBRYOLY CRYO, EMBROLY PLUS and EMBRYOLY PRO. 

Please contact us here for more information regarding pricing and we will help you to select the best plan for your clinic(s).

EMBRYOLY’s core features is available for sale in the UK and EU, and any country that accepts CE Marking. Certain features are available worldwide, please contact us to know more about how you can use our software.

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