Maintain high standards of embryology while saving precious time

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Increase first cycle
pregnancy rate

Cut costs or welcome more patients for increased revenue

Save administrative and embryo evaluation time

Don’t miss out on what your data has to say

Connect to our online platform to evaluate the embryonic development in context of each patient’s unique clinical context.

EMBRYOLY is directly connected to your time-lapse microscope  (MIRI®, GERI®, EMBRYOSCOPE®, EMBRYOSCOPE+®) and uses artificial intelligence to personalize, support and shorten your decision-making.

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Augment your expertise with our unique database equivalent to 50+ years of embryology

>6000 treatments


>60 000 videos

From 4 Time-lapse systems

12 clinics

In France and Spain

>11 000 KID

of fresh and frozen transfers

Early and late transfers

D3 and D5 embryos

A clinically validated and CE Marked tool

We are a research-first company. Read our peer-reviewed articles published in Human Reproduction and Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

ImVitro is an ISO 13485 certified company. EMBRYOLY obtained the CE MARKING certification and complies with the medical device standards to provide the highest standard of safety, security, cyber-security and transparency to our partners

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