Seeing Inside the Lab: The Power of Patient Portals in IVF

by Rebecca Caruso

Introduction: What is our product?

ImVitro’s product, EMBRYOLY, is an AI-powered SaaS platform that helps IVF centers become more efficient. With our algorithms, we support clinics by saving them precious time in the lab while still maximizing their performances. Aside from AI, we also provide features that help centers digitalize their operations and take them from paper to screen, making it possible to, for example, to easily send reminders about your frozen embryos.

But what does this have to do with you, the end patient?

While our customers are IVF clinics, patients are the final beneficiaries of any improved IVF service. In this blog post, we’ll explore how our patient portal delivers efficient communication between you and your clinician, the level of transparency and traceability the portal provides, and how it ensures maximum security and protection of your data throughout.

1. We facilitate efficient communication with and for patients

One of the solutions we provide to help IVF centers become more efficient is to convert paper-based tasks to digital. In turn, this helps render the exchange of information and general communication more efficient, such that embryologists can focus on the conversations that really matter while still enabling you to receive pertinent treatment information.

With our portal, you are able to receive information about your treatment at any moment. At your embryologist’s discretion, you can gain access to videos of your developing embryos, as well as detailed treatment information (e.g. whether the embryos you see will be freshly transferred or frozen). Additionally, it can be used to shed light on some key steps of your embryo’s development.

The patient portal can also be used for centers to share administrative documentation related to embryos, so you can make secure, timely and digital decisions on what you wish to do with your frozen embryos.

When your embryologist has made their decision after evaluating your embryos with the help of our AI, EMBRYOLY generates a report to summarize your treatment and outline the choices they have made. You may also receive a personalized evaluation of how your embryos have been categorized based on their predicted chances of pregnancy.

EMBRYOLY ultimately provides a smoother digital communication between you and your embryologist, without compromising on the quantity or quality of information you receive about your treatment plan and outcome.

2. We help provide transparency and traceability 

A secondary goal in the same vein of making communication between embryologists and patients more efficient is to enhance transparency and traceability throughout your treatment and thereafter.

Through our patient portal, we provide a series of explanatory videos in French, Spanish or English to guide you through pertinent information for both the embryo’s development (e.g. videos, as well as key steps in its development), as well as question marks you might have about the process particularly when receiving your personalized report (e.g. what are time-lapse systems, how is artificial intelligence relevant, and why decide to freeze embryos?).

If you have frozen embryos, you are able to smoothly and digitally sign your choice for the year. On the portal, we have included a video that outlines how you can go about signing your choice as well as the legal frameworks that surround making certain choices in your own country.

While signing the document, the portal offers a high level of transparency allowing you to also track your partner’s (if relevant) actions and conversely when they took place. For example, if they have initiated the signing process, or signed their agreement with your choice. Finally, for enhanced traceability, you will also be able to access documentation of the choices made in previous years.

3. We ensure maximum security and protection

While our portal is designed to help create efficiencies and for patients to gain clarity on their treatment, we also guarantee the maximum protection of your data throughout. We take data security seriously: using our platform, your data will be stored and encrypted securely to provide robust data protection.

Firstly, our email correspondence will never mention medical or sensitive information that alludes to your treatment to comply with GDPR. Secondly, upon creating an account via email we will always have 2-Factor-Authentication in place. This sends an SMS code to your phone which you will have to type in before proceeding.Once you are asked to create a password, our system also reinforces a strong password at setup time to ensure security.

Lastly, to make any decision through the portal, we first ask that you confirm your identity by uploading a valid ID document and choice via YouSign (using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) so as to sign legally binding documents).

This is to ensure that all the details correspond to a verifiable identification. After confirming your identity with a valid document, YouSign is also equipped with a 2FA SMS code before the signing is completed. The same process is in place for your partner (if relevant) who will need to agree with your choice via YouSign or can choose to disagree with your choice in which case the center will be notified.


Your embryologist will always be the final decision-maker in your treatment, but we’re here as a trustworthy sidekick.

By empowering embryologists with tools to make their workflow more efficient, we’re ultimately empowering you on your journey to parenthood. We help ensure every decision made is rooted in transparency, every action taken is guided by traceability, and every interaction is safeguarded by the highest standards of data security.

If you’re curious to know more, head to our case study page to find out how exactly we help IVF labs.