EMBRYOLY is now connected to Embryoscope®, Embryoscope®+ and MIRI®!


They say good things come in threes (in french, “Jamais deux sans trois”, or in spanish, “No hay dos sin tres “)

We are now connected to a third major time-lapse system: MIRI® from Esco! What a great way to start this new year.

Last year, we had succesfully connected our SaaS platform to the Embryoscope® , Embryoscope+® (Vitrolife) and Geri® (Genea Biomedx), which was already a major milestones towards the smooth integration of our tool in our user’s workflow. With this integration with the third and last major time-lapse system in the market, we make it all the easier for our current users to use our tool in their daily practice to keep helping more IVF patients.

Congratulations to the engineering team for making this happen, and to the support teams from Vitrolife, Genea BioMedX and ESCO.

If you have a time-lapse miscroscope in your lab and want to see for yourself how our tool can help you and be integrated seamlessly in your workflow, contact us!